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The 70’s and 80’s are here again. They are in our clothes, in our music and in our way of living. And, even better, arcade games are also back. Thanks to the new arcade apps, you will be able to play all you favourite game apps in your smartphone, no matter where you go. In GetMeApps we want to help you to find the best arcade game app for you.

Get your smartphone ready because you will not be able to resist all the arcade apps we have for you. If you are looking for quality entertainment or the arcade game app of your childhood, you will find it here for sure. Nevertheless, we leave here some of our best options.

Minecraft: both for fanatics and starters

Not sure whether trying the PC version of Minecraft or not? Are you a great fan of the game and you need to play it everywhere? Mojang, the company that created Mincraft, has developed the game app version so it is now accessible to everyone.

All you need to start playing this game is your smartphone and some free time (careful, it is very addictive!) Even though the arcade app version does not have all the features that the PC version includes, it is still very fun to play. It has been perfectly adapted to a touch screen and this way it has become a whole new experience.

The Noodle, simple but effective

Nowadays we can find arcade apps about almost anything. The Noodle is very simple, but also one of the most popular arcade game apps at the game market right now. All you need to do to pass this game is to catch some noodles with a bamboo tube and then you are done. It seems easy, right?

But when it comes to games, nothing is ever easy, so be careful. There are different levels so you do not get bored, and they get more and more difficult every time you pass one. There is a whole technique on how to catch those noodles since every type of noodle will fall differently.

We have told you, it looks easy but there is a lot behind it!

Pacman: oldie and goldie

We could not make a ranking of the best arcade apps without including Pacman in it. You can come back to the old days at your favourite arcade place with this new version of Pacman. Download the app and carry with you the most famous of the arcade games.

Guide your Pacman through all the labyrinths and discover the different features that Bandai Namco has included in this version. It is the perfect combination between the traditional game and all the possibilities that arcade apps involve.

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1. Mr gun
Ketchapp Free

2. Color Switch
Fortafy Games Free

3. Minecraft
Mojang Free

4. Flip the gun
Playgendary Free

5. Rider
Ketchapp Free

6. The Noodle
Hibiki Yano Free

7. Angry Birds 2
Rovio Entertainment Corporation Free

9. Jetpack Joyride
Halfbrick Studios Free

10. granny
DVloper Free

11. Asphalt 9: Legends
Gameloft Free


13. Go Fish!
Kwalee Ltd Free

14. Cool Math Games
Free Math Games Free


16. Donut County
Annapurna Interactive $4.99

17. Fidget Spinner
Ketchapp Free

18. Pacman
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. Free

19. Color Bump 3D
Good Job Games Free

20. Flying Arrow

21. Baseball Boy!

22. Stickman Hook
Madbox Free

23. Color Road

24. Sky Rusher

25. Subway Surfers
Kiloo Free

26. Rise Up
Serkan Özyılmaz Free


28. Dancing Line
Cheetah Games Free

29. Impossible Bottle Flip
tastypill Free

30. Paint Hit
MAG Interactive Free

31. Super Fowlst
Thomas K Young Free

32. Tigerball
Laxarus Free