Food apps

Do you want to check the best offers in food and drinks on your favourite restaurants? What about ordering food delivery to your home from the click of a button? You can order or have any cuisine recipes including Pizza, Indian food, Italian, or Chinese food with any of the following food apps!

Food ordering and delivery apps

These are some of the most popular food ordering and delivery apps available for iOS and Android:


Do you have a hungry stomach to look after but you have no car to drive you to the nearest restaurant? Then, Just Eat is the app that you are looking for. It covers every need that a food delivery app is supposed to. Just Eat offers a similar function and purpose although it is more limited in terms of location. You can download this food delivery app free from the operating system — Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes store for free.


Uber is still one of our favourite cab services ever since the trend of online cab services became popular. We could say that it is also a well-known name that operates in a great number of countries around the world. That is probably the reason why Uber decided to expand their territory. Then was when UberEats was born.

This food service app is basically like any other that you have seen and used before — Just Eat, Deliveroo and so on. However, the Uber brand on it is somehow a class apart from its competitors. But does it hold up to your expectations? You will have to try it to discover it!


Smartphones have fully changed our perception of the world. In fact, they have also changed the way that we eat. It has become much easier to order food with apps like Deliveroo. Now, you have the chance to eat that hamburger from your favourite restaurant just clicking a button. Food delivery apps like these have made home delivery services and our lives much more comfortable.

Deliveroo offers its services to a huge geographical area and supports multiple countries throughout the world. Moreover, this food delivery application is free to download and it works on both iOS and Android devices.

Food recipes apps


This time, we are talking about an app that will help you cooking your own food. So, if you have a passion for cooking and trying out new recipes, Tasty is the perfect food application for you. What you probably don’t know is that it is owned by the popular Buzzfeed organization. It is a free app and it is available at iTunes and Google Play Store. Now, you will love even more to spend your time in the kitchen!

Discover the best food apps with Getmeapps

We have the best food apps for your phone at Getmeapps. It doesn’t matter if you use Android or iOS, you have the chance to choose the best food apps for both. If you look at our reviews, you won’t regret it!

59. Dairy Queen
International Dairy Queen®️ Free

70. DoorDash
DoorDash Free

120. GoFoodie
GoFoodie Free

163. Just Eat
Just-Eat Holding Limited Free

197. McDonald's
McDonald's Inc. Free

295. Tasty
BuzzFeed Free

330. UberEATS: Food Delivery
Uber Technologies, Inc. Free