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Deliveroo - Restaurant Delivery

Deliveroo - Restaurant Delivery

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Deliveroo - Restaurant Delivery description

Smartphones have reshaped just about everything in our world now including how and what we eat for lunch or dinner. With apps like Deliveroo, it’s become much easier to place a quick order from your favorite restaurant near you bypassing the trouble of calling or going to the actual restaurants. Food delivery apps like these have made home delivery services much more convenient. Deliveroo offers service to a large geographical area and supports multiple countries throughout the world. However not all restaurants in every country have paired up with Deliveroo so you might actually be surprised at the lack of options. Nonetheless, Deliveroo is a free to download food delivery application and it works on both Android and iOS devices.

The Review

As in all other food delivery service applications, you’re required to create an account of Deliveroo before you start using this app. You can do this through your email or connecting with your Facebook account. Once you’ve successfully created and confirmed your account, you then need to let the app use your GPS location to find restaurants around you that it supports. If you live in a city where this app service is popular, you’re likely to find a host of restaurants and cuisines to order from. From independent businesses to popular public restaurants, you can pretty much order from any place that supports the Deliveroo app. In the US, the options are plenty but the same cannot be said for regions outside.

To search for a restaurant, you can either search by your location or browse with the actual name of the restaurant, the cuisine, and the fastest delivery time possible. The app further facilitates you in ordering by providing you with a list of the most popular restaurants in your area. Users can also leave reviews on restaurants they have ordered from and you can check them out to make a decision. To place an order from your favorite restaurant all you need to do is add what you want to eat in the cart and then order. Every restaurant listed on the Deliveroo application has an updated menu and the complete range with the respective prices. You can pay your order with cash on delivery or feed in your debit or credit card details.

Once an order has been placed, you can also track your order in real time. This feature, however, is somewhat debatable and doesn’t always work the way it’s advertised. You can also engage in a live chat on the app with the agent to inquire about your order. Deliveroo also provides you with an estimated time of delivery of your order and notification alerts for your delivery status. Furthermore, you can see your rider on the live map to track the order in real time.

Additional features of Deliveroo include saving your delivery instructions in the app to quickly place your next order by skipping this step. The app also provides a secure platform to save your debit and credit card details as well as other basic information including your name, email and multiple addresses. On the app, you can also view a complete report and history of each order and the respective receipts.

Deliveroo does everything a food delivery app service should without any additional perks. However, recently users of this service have been far from satisfied from it. There have been complaints of serious mismanagement in the backend, problem with orders, spontaneous order cancellations, and the need to constantly call the customer service. These issues are pretty major and can’t be overlooked if you’re looking for a fast dinner solution. In that case, perhaps you should try some other food delivery service app!

Why do we recommend this app?

  • Quick food delivery service that lets you place orders from all the popular restaurants and cuisines nearby
  • You can pay both through cash on delivery or card payment
  • Provides the complete and updated restaurant menu
  • Tracking and live chatting features to keep tabs on your order
  • You can save your delivery details and view your order history
  • Free to download and available in a lot of different countries

What can be improved in this app?

  • Recently there have been many customer support problems, mismanagement and order cancellations

Deliveroo - Restaurant Delivery is one of the top apps in the Sports app category, which belongs to Deliveroo. It's last update was on February 13, 2019 and it has been already downloaded 5.000.000+ times. On the app store it has now 68.639 reviews. After you get to Deliveroo - Restaurant Delivery page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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Deliveroo - Restaurant Delivery
Deliveroo - Restaurant Delivery

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Deliveroo
  • Current Version: 2.59.1
  • Updated: February 13, 2019
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up

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68.639 total
5 43.256
4 13.547
3 2.519
2 1.656
1 7.661
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