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Best life simulation app games

Do you have a free moment on your way to work? Enjoy it with the best simulation app games. Escape from the routine and take the role of a gentleman, priest or refugee from a post-apocalyptic world. You just have to download one of these applications we recommend in GetMeApps. Become whatever you want, have fun and relax with the best mobile phone games you'll find in this category.

Best simulation iPhones games

The adaptation and performance of these simulation IPhone app games have put them at the podium of this genre. The following games that we will show you below not only have sensational playability but also have no errors in IOS.

The Sims mobile: simulate your life

The pioneer in simulation app games returns with a version for mobile devices. Experience, control and improve the lives of your characters while solving their daily needs or satisfying their moods.

Customize them as you wish to. From gender, hair, height, age or clothing to personality, tastes and dreams. You decide how you will lead their lives, what hobbies they will have to develop or the partner that will accompany them over the years.

Your creativity is the limit. Play with one or more "Sims" living together in the same house simultaneously. This simulation app game is free, but if you want to move quickly, buy exclusive items or have more virtual money you will have to pay for it.

Fallout Shelter: create your refuge from the apocalypses

How would you create the best refuge to survive the problems caused by a post-apocalyptic world? Answering this question is the main idea of Fallout Shelter. This kind of simulation app games you get to choose the elaboration of objects, rooms or outfits for the characters that cohabit in these buildings is the priority.

The exploration and RPG elements also have their place in this application. Send adventurers to unexplored lands on the surface to find new tools and building materials. Prepare your base to face the dangers of an invasion or create weapons and armor to resist enemy attacks. Fallout Shelter is a very complete game as far as simulation is concerned. However, you will need to have plenty of storage space available on your IPhone.

Best simulation games Android

If you want to play a simulation video game on your Android mobile, we will show you the best ones of the moment. Run to download them at the Android Play Store now.

Plague Inc. → the chaos has broken out

Do you want to create a deadly pathogen that infects and destroys the entire world population? At Plague Inc. you will have all the resources to do so. Humanity had never been so helpless in an application. Find one of the best simulation app games!

Of course, that will not be easy because when the specialists notice the presence of this virus they will do everything possible to fight against it. Although its approach is antagonistic and obscure, this simulation app game is highly recommended for its entertainment levels.

Fire emblems heroes – be your own hero

After its console success, this is one of the simulation app games with touches of tactical RPG comes to mobile devices. Follow the events of the hero's order while fighting all kinds of enemies protecting Askr's kingdom.

Take four of its protagonists to battle from a strategic position to gain an advantage over their opponents. Enjoy more than 500 missions in a frantic story next to the plot twists that this saga has had us used to. Do not miss this free application with quality graphics and challenging gameplay.

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