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Idle Royale Tycoon

Idle Royale Tycoon

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Idle Royale Tycoon description

Evolution Games GmbH brings a simulation game that’s a class apart and entirely unique in its gaming format. Idle Royale Tycoon – Incremental Merge Battle Game is a simulation match 2 puzzle game that centers heavily on weapons but is nothing like a shooting game. Idle Royale Tycoon is a free to download application with millions of users on the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

The Review

In Idle Royale Tycoon, your prime target is to transform your weapons into more powerful versions of themselves. To do this you’re given a 4 by 4 grid where weapons pop up. In order to evolve your weapon, you must match two similar weapons. The only way to clear the level is by matching all of the weapons until none is left on the grid. This might seem like a pretty easy game but in reality, it’s much more difficult to master. There’s a certain amount of luck and strategy related to this puzzle simulation game. If you’re not tactful enough, fast enough or make the wrong move, you might find yourself stuck on level one for a fairly long time.

The controls of Idle Royale Tycoon are easy to learn and understand. The moment you turn on the app, a short instruction animation pops up. Then, you’re instantly projected into the game. There is no menu page for Idle Royale Tycoon and you can’t even pause midway the game.

There’s more to the gameplay in Idle Royal Tycoon than simply matching and evolving your weapons though. Every time you’re stuck without any matching pair, you’ll have to wait till more weapons pop up into the 4 x 4 puzzle grid. This happens when the yellow bar on the bottom of the page fills up. The only catch is that the weapons that do pop up begin from an elementary level and you’ll have to match them all over again in order to get a match for the weapon that made you stuck in the first place.

This can be incredibly frustrating but Idle Royal Tycoon makes things slightly less annoying by offering an in-app coin system. The coins or score go up with time and after you’ve made successful matches. You can use these coins to purchase new upgrades such as making new weapons pop up into the grid more quickly or upgrading the level of the weapon that pops up. There will, however, come a time when you’ll be short of coins and that’s when you might be tempted to make some hefty in-app purchases through the ticket shop.

There are also other bonus and freebies most of which can be used only after you’ve watch a long video advert or left a rating for the app on the official app store. Idle Royal Tycoon doesn’t bombard you with adverts straight off the bat as most free games do but it does constantly push you into watching ads and spending real money on items to get you out of a sticky situation.

Other features in Idle Royale Tycoon include a Pinata that arrives after a set amount of time and comes with extra features to help you in the game such as speeding up the game play for a certain time interval. You can also view the collection of the weapons you have successfully merged or use special bundle offers.

Idle Royale Tycoon is a colorful game with excellent animations. The concept is interesting and it can become an addictive game for some. However, the constant pressure on adverts and in-app purchases quickly robs the fun out of this game.

Why do we recommend Idle Royale Tycoon?

  • Interesting, addictive simulation match-2 puzzle gameplay
  • Vibrant graphics and colorful animation
  • Tons of features, freebies and bonus offers
  • Huge collection of weapons to merge
  • Free to download and play

What can be improved in Idle Royale Tycoon?

  • The app pushes you to watch long video ads in order to avail special features and bonuses
  • In-app purchases are expensive

Idle Royale Tycoon is one of the top apps in the Simulation app category, which belongs to Green Panda Games. It's last update was on March 20, 2019 and it has been already downloaded 1,000,000+ times. On the app store it has now 108,579 reviews. After you get to Idle Royale Tycoon page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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Idle Royale Tycoon
Idle Royale Tycoon

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Green Panda Games
  • Current Version: 1.49
  • Updated: March 20, 2019
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up

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108,579 total
5 94,699
4 7,259
3 2,898
2 3,845
1 3,137
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