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Knowing several languages nowadays is both very important and interesting. Important because on almost every job you need to be able to speak to the customers or colleagues. Interesting because being able to speak different languages makes you a smart person.

Today we present you here the top apps for learning a language for free, directly from your mobile, so you can practice on your comutes to work or just relaxing on the couch:


This app is one of the most popular free language learning programs on earth to learn languages.

It’s interesting to use, with speech classes broken down into little chunks, making it feel like you are playing a match. The app is easy, making it effortless to use.

The classes are divided into different segments linked to your everyday life. So there’s a section for meals, clothing, marketplace, shopping and so forth.

The sound is adaptable. It is possible to slow it down if you’re finding it tough to comprehend or grasp phrases or words, which is super useful for the learning process.

It’s available free of charge for Android and iOS phones.


Babbel is another terrific foreign language learning program. There are two. The free version though includes enough features to get you started on a brand new language, so you only need paid if truly necessary.

On the other hand, the several languages are designed as different programs. So you need to download some other language you would like to study to learn languages. But that’s no problem as it’s extremely likely you’d want to learn just the terminology of your new language.

The classes are broken down which makes them brief and easy to breeze through. The sound is fantastic as well. However, the voice recognition program can be somewhat problematic according to users. For this reason, you will need to have pronunciations just right to proceed.

It’s still a solid app and readily available for Android and iOS phones as well.


Memrise is primarily a language learning program which targets your vocabulary from the new language. It intends to improve the amount of language one is acquainted with. Like it’s name, it’s goal is to help you memorize and learn languages.

It does this with a gaming format. This distinctive language-learning strategy involves taking one to an alien world for a spy. Points are given for every correct answer while on your spy assignment.

There are also graphics on cards to assist you memorize phrases and the occasional native speakers seem to explain to you how you can pronounce some words.
However, it’s ideal to combine the lesson together with real conversations with individuals and grammar courses in real life.

On the other hand, the fundamental program would do just nice to construct the simple vocabulary in the selected language.


You can download Tandem from the App Store and the Google Play shop for Androids. The program is totally free, without any constraints or premium memberships.

When I opened up the Tandem program, I was instantly taken from the design along with the personalized approach that they took. You open Tandem, join your profile, and you’ll tell the program a couple of things about your own preferences.

There’s an approval process, so you can’t join the program randomly and it is monitored by a team member. It is crucial that you keep your information safe online! Community is essential with Tandem. It’s all about connecting and learning with others.


Busuu is a well-designed app that provides enough information to assist you. It’s awesomeness is due by the fact that it possesses a user-base of approximately 60 million individuals. So many people can not be wrong right?

Busuu provides easy flashcards. These are accompanied by punctuation lessons, writing evaluations, exercises and conversation to check your ability to pronounce words and true language ability.

Like many good language learning program, it’s interesting to use and makes learning a new language less boring.

Accessible for Android and iOS apparatus, it comes at a paid and free version. The free version is sufficient to understand about the fundamentals, but for accessibility to advance classes and attributes, you would have to pay for the full version which is pretty cheap for the value you get.

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