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download Pandora

Pandora Internet Radio, or more commonly known as just Pandora, is an internet music streaming service designed to generate entire playlists, or as they call them “stations”, based only on one artist, song or music genre of your choosing. After that, a customized radio station is created including songs with similar characteristics as the ones present in the artist’s music repertoire, the song, or the music genre that you initially chose. These individualized stations can be gradually molded into your specific music tastes as you “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” a song, which means that you either like or dislike a song, and the system will automatically skip the song (if you “thumbs down” it) and play another one.

In 2000, Pandora first started as “Savage Beast Technologies”, up until 2004 when the company decided to change names in favor of the current one. Ever since the company was launched, they’ve been through some rough patches, which, luckily, they’ve been able to overcome. In the first trimester of 2015, songs on Pandora had received more than 50 billion “thumbs up” from users. As of today, Pandora’s services are only available within the U.S territory, and they offer 2 streaming subscription plans: One free supported by advertisements and a premium plan without advertisements.

Pandora is a service powered by the Music Genome Project, which is the sophisticated and unique system responsible for delivering your customized playlists. The Music Genome Project is the brainchild of over 30 musicological experts, and it uses over 450 attributes to describe songs, with categories such as melody, harmony, rhythm, composition, form, and lyrics; alongside a very complex mathematical algorithm that organizes them all. According to Pandora’s own executives, this is “the most comprehensive music analysis ever undertaken”.

Following the descriptions above, finding one’s favorite music with Pandora is a no-brainer: When you initially visit Pandora’s website or its app, after signing up, the first thing to do is type in, as we mentioned earlier, an artist’s name, a song or a music genre that you like, and immediately a station will be generated using the complex 450-attributes algorithm, resulting in a highly personalized station made just for you. You are also able to further customize said station by liking or disliking a song played, or in Pandora-slang, by giving each song a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If you happen to thumbs down a song, it automatically gets erased from your current playlist and the system will eliminate all songs with similar characteristics and attributes. That way, each station you create is going to be catered to your every whim.

Additionally, we will give you the scoop on these 4 tips to get the best out of Pandora:

1. Add variety to each station: This trick comes in handy when you feel you’ve listened to a station one too many times, and the need to freshen it up becomes imminent. For this situation, Pandora features the “add variety…” button. After clicking it, just as before, an artist’s name, a song or a genre will be requested, infusing your station with brand new tracks.

2. Rate songs within a specific time frame: According to some users, rating a certain number of songs in a specific time period will significantly enhance your listening experience. Most of them agree that the combination that works best is to rate 5 songs every 60 minutes.

3. Share music with your friends: This tip is extremely useful when you want to give a friend a thoughtful gift but are short on budget. For music lovers, receiving a well thought-out, personalized playlist, created with their music tastes in mind might be just the ultimate, perfect gift. The only thing you have to do is click on the gift icon “Make a station for a friend”, and follow the same steps as if you were creating a station from scratch.

4. Edit stations: What happens if you Add variety to a station, but then realize you just ruined the whole thing? There’s nothing to worry about because next to each station’s name there is a triangle-shaped icon which allows editing previous changes you’ve made to it.

Are you already using Pandora? Tell us about your experience in the comment box below. If not, then go to download Pandora now!

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