If you are looking for some great fitness apps for your Android, then you are in luck because there are many apps available. Having a great fitness app for your Android makes it easy to get up and get going and to stick with an exercise routine.

Virtuagym Fitness


Virtuagym Fitness is a good choice.

It’s free
It offers hundreds of workout and exercise routines
It has diagrams to show you how to do the exercises correctly

Endomondo PRO


Endomondo PRO is another great app.

It’s free
It is an ideal app for those of you who like to run, cycle, and walk.
It helps to keep track of the time and distance you cover
It has audio coaching
You may compete with the provided time set with others using the app

Lose IT


Lose It makes it easy to keep track of your daily intake of food, exercise, and calories.

It combines healthy eating with tracking your exercise to make your efforts to lose weight more effective
The bar code in the app helps to monitor every food item that you eat
It makes it easy to track your daily activities.

Zombies, Run!

zombies run app

Zombies, Run! will help you to stay motivated and if you love zombie-related things, then this is for you.

It has an audio guide that continuously updates your progress and speeds up your exercises and running
It keeps you motivated (and helps you to outrun the “zombies”).
It has a radio and voice message that will interrupt your tunes to keep you motivated
It’s free

MapMyRide + GPS Cycling


MapMyRide+GPS Cycling is a great tool for keeping track of your route, speed, time, calories, and distance.

It has audio alerts
It has a leaderboard that lists achievements to help keep you motivated.

Workout Trainer


Workout Trainer is an app that provides you with access to many exercises and workout routines.

You can design your own routines
It’s free
Comes with video and audio guidance



JEFIT Pro is perfect for strength training and bodybuilding and offers many exercises that target the different areas of your body.

Includes workout plans
Has training log, instructions, a progress tracker, and timers


MyFitnessPal is a great app for tracking what you eat.

Ideal for beginner calorie counters
It’s a free app
You can customize goals
You can easily track calories


Fitocracy is a great fitness app for gamers.

Makes fitness fun
Has many free workouts that will get you in shape
You can create a customized plan
This app turns workouts into a game by giving out points when workouts are completed

Nike+ Training Club


Nike+ Training Club is also a great app.

It’s free
Has over 100 workouts
The workouts vary in difficulty
Led by Nike Master Trainers
This app lets you choose your own playlist



Fitbit is a handy app that will sync to your Fitbit devices.

It’s free
Encourages you and your friends to challenge each other in competitions
It’s easy to track your exercise with this app

Strava Running and Cycling


Strava Running and Cycling is an ideal app for cyclists and runners.

Tracks your running and cycling in a log
It offers near-universal compatibility with devices and services such as Fitbit, Timex, and TomTom, to name a few


There are many great apps out there to choose from for your Android. Whether you like your fitness routine to feel more like a game, if you are trying to count calories, or if you want to customize your routine, there’s an app for that.

You just need to decide which one will be the right pick for you. Choosing the right app can help to keep you motivated and to stay challenged.

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