Entertainment mobile apps

Watch a movie or television, read a book, get tickets for your favorite singer or theater actor, listen to the best music… there is an app for almost anything you desire nowadays. That is why we have chosen the best entertainment apps for you.

Here is a list of some of the best iOS and Android entertainment mobile apps to make the most out of your device, from apps that help you get a taxi to flashlights or even help you write your next great news article. Download yours and have fun!

Entertainment Apps for both iOS Android

If we talk about the operating system of Apple — iOS — we must say that it has a wide variety of entertainment apps available in the Apple Store. However, if we focus our attention on the operating system of Google — Android — we can’t deny that it also offers a huge number of entertainment apps, all of them available in the Play Store. Sometimes, when they are free for iOS, they must be paid for Android and vice versa. Nevertheless, these entertainment apps are available with the same conditions for both kind of users. Now, let’s see some of the most famous entertainment apps available for both operating systems:


Netflix is, without any doubt, the number one streaming platform in the world. Netflix users can watch a wide range of movies and TV Shows through this entertainment app. They can enjoy the stream experience not only on their mobile phones, but on their TVs and gaming consoles for an even more immersive and shared experience.

The app itself is free, so you can download it without paying. Nevertheless, if you want to start watching movies and shows, you will have to pay for the monthly or annual subscription. But you don’t have to worry, because the fee is quite low and affordable in fact. That is a great plus point to this wonderful streaming service.


We all know Dubsmash. It is an app that we use to sing along to our favorite song lyrics or to lip sync to our favorite TV show dialogues. To sum up, Dubsmash is a world of its own where you have the chance to create fun videos and have a great time alone or with friends.

You begin looking for the song or the TV show or movie dialogue that you want to lip sync to, then you select it and make your video. It is quite easy, isn’t it? The app counts on a huge library that supports a large selection of songs and quotes from almost every TV show, movie, and cartoons.

Bitmoji, Your Personal Emoji

Those people who own a smartphone and are on social media networks know the position of Snapchat in the social networking market. And, coincidentally, it is suitable with Bitmoji, which is an app that creates your personalized avatar with doll faces. It asks to take a photo of you before starting so that it can create a Bitmoji that matches your appearance as much as possible.

Discover the best entertainment apps with Getmeapps

At Getmeapps, we give the chance of enjoying the best entertainment apps for your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if you use iOS or Android, you can always choose the best apps. Take a look at our reviews and make the right decision!

4. afterlight 2
Afterlight Collective, Inc $2.99

25. Bitmoji Your Personal Emoji
Bitstrips Free

75. Dropbox
Dropbox, Inc. Free

76. Dubsmash
Dubsmash Inc Free

84. Espn
ESPN Inc Free

87. Eventbrite
Eventbrite Free

155. iHeartRadio
iHeartMedia, Inc. Free

171. Kodi
XBMC Foundation Free

214. Netflix
Netflix, Inc. Free

239. PlayKids
PlayKids Inc Free

270. Sky Guide
Fifth Star Labs LLC $2,99

285. STARZ
Starz Entertainment, LLC Free

298. Telemundo Deportes - En Vivo
NBCUniversal Media, LLC Free