Best apps for iPhone

Apple revolutionized the smartphone market many years ago with its flagship product: the iPhone. After marking a significant change in the computer market with Macs or in the portable music market with iPods, Apple decided to create the iPhone. More than a decade later, there are many loyal followers of this brand. One of the reasons they have is that there are applications that can only be used in iOs, Apple's operating system. Let's see the best apps for iPhone.

Top apps for iPhone

It is difficult to make a list of the best apps for iPhone, as iOs has thousands and thousands of apps at your disposal. We could comment on the most popular apps for iPhone on the market, such as Spotify or Angry Birds, but we'll show you some lesser-known but very useful apps.

For example, who doesn't miss a chat while you play online games on your mobile? Few games have this feature. That's why Discord was created, an app that allows you to talk to your friends (and also your enemies) while playing your favourite games. With this application you will not only be able to write while playing, but it also allows voice conversation, very useful when you are in the middle of a battle or a game.

Best iOs games

We can't talk about Discord without later mentioning some games to spend hours and hours hooked to the screen. Although iPhone models are becoming more powerful, many of the best iPhone games are simple games that you just can't stop playing. For example, only iPhone users can enjoy a great game like The Noodle, as there is no official Android version. In The Noodle you will have to take noodles in bamboo tubes. It's that simple. However, each level increases in difficulty, so we're sure you won't get tired of playing.

We can also find more visually appealing games like Looper! In this game we'll have to throw bright balls at the right time so they don't bump into each other. At first the levels will be simple, but with each level we complete, the geometric shapes become more complicated. In addition, we'll have some elements that will make it more difficult for us to achieve our goal.

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85. eToro: Social Trading
eToro Free

92. Facebook Lite
Facebook Free

122. Google Analytics
Google LLC Free

155. iHeartRadio
iHeartMedia, Inc. Free

171. Kodi
XBMC Foundation Free

214. Netflix
Netflix, Inc. Free

266. Shazam
Shazam Entertainment Limited Free

282. Spotify Music
Spotify Ltd. Free