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Are you a fanatic of card games? Do you love spending your time playing with your cards? Well, we are here to tell you that you do not need to take your deck everywhere anymore, you just need your smartphone! If you are looking for a new way of entertainment, you will find in GetMeApps the card game app that you were looking for.

This is our ranking of the best card game apps so you know where to start first! Hope you like these games as much as we do, and if you do not know them, here you have a little summary of our top 3.

Truco Blyts: the most dowloaded

You will love Truco Blyts if you love strategy or if you are poker addict. Just like this very popular card game, Truco Blyts is all about how good you are at lying and pretending (and how lucky you are, of course). It is based on the real card game called Truco, very famous in Latin America.

This card game app is so interesting because you get to play with different sets of players, each of them with a special strategy or style. It is very addictive and its popularity is growing rapidly.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation: just like in the 90’s

Even though Truco Blyts might be the most downloaded card game app, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation is the game everyone is talking about. Fans of the anime and players of the real card game can carry with them the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! universe on their hands thanks to their smartphones.

If you already know what the card game is about, you will not have any problem: this app is very easy to use. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation is the perfect complement for those who feel nostalgic and need that little come back to their childhood. And if you are unfamiliar with it, you do not need to worry because it includes a tutorial to help you.

Solitaire by Zynga, just like you remembered it

Who has not played Solitaire at least once in their lives? This game is the king of the card games and the best thing is that you can play it anytime you want because you do not depend on other players, and you just need your smartphone!

You can play this card game app to kill some time waiting at the train station or to relax and forget for a moment about the rest of the world. It is simple and Zynga has not added any special feature, so it feels like the one we used to play once in our desk computers during those dead hours at the office.

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1. Truco Blyts
Blyts Free

2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Free

3. Solitaire by Zynga
Zynga Free

4. Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens $1.99

5. Hearthstone
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Free

6. Anynumber
K52 s.r.l. $3.99

7. solitaire
Lemon Games, Inc Free