Dieting is one of the hardest routines to adapt to when you’re in the process of losing weight, and this is mostly due to the fact that calorie counting and weight tracking may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Also, while engaging in physical activity could be wearisome for many, the wide range of activities you can do will make sure you’re entertained all through your path of loss weight, but finding out what should be the most adequate routine for you can sometimes become a task on its own, where you can even end up dropping all your goals altogether for failing to properly organize good yet practical workouts into your daily life. As with pretty much everything within your way of life, you can turn your smartphone into the perfect assistant to help you sort everything about this healthy route you’ve just decided to take. Think of it as your own private health coach, but way less expensive! There’s tons of apps that actually provide great help on the matter, from supplying outstanding workout routines for any type of person, to giving out tips on the best healthy meals to eat when eating out, they’ll make sure to give you the utmost tools for you to shape the best version of yourself. Here are the best of said apps we’ve found so far, each of them delivering excellent and professional service.


As a calorie tracker, the basis of Fooducate are down to your bio metrics, which means you must input basic information about yourself such as your height, age, sex, current weight, and goal weight, in order to make your experience as personalized as possible. Once you do that, this useful app turns out to work not only as your personal tracker of the amount of calories you’re supposed to take in a day, but also as an all-inclusive food library, a great database for weight loss tips, and even makes a great community for all who want to share their progress.

MyFitness Pal

Following along the lines of Fooducate, MyFitness Pal also works as a calorie tracker, but in a much more straightforward way, and packed with several other gears you might find valuable, like exercise logging. To make the app give you the number of calories you’re supposed to consume each day, enter your basic physical information as well as how much daily exercise you do (which can also be none), and you’ll be set to start your new diet in order to hit your weight-loss goal. Keeping track of each meal you take is also way easier on MyFitness Pal, for it has an exhaustive list of foods that let you log the exact type and amount of rations you consume without too much hassle, just as it is when logging your daily workout routine. For pragmatics, this is a must.


Too many people hardly know about the importance of water intake within our everyday lives, and the main point of Waterlogged’s existence is to make this known to as many as they can in the best and most feasible way we’ve found so far. The app functions as a reminder to take your daily water intake, and it presents itself directly within your home screen as an empty water bottle. By pocking it, you’ll be taken to screen that lets you log whatever water intake you’ve just consumed, which you can add either by volume, or by glass size. Once you do that, the empty bottle will begin to fill up depending on the amount of water you’ve drank. This smart and stylish app will be the solution to any of your hydration problems.


We’ll do anything within our power to gain some extra cash, and similarly, we’ll avoid as much as possible spending any additional amount of our money. This seems to be the premise behind Pact, and as far as it goes, nothing seems to be more spot on than that. Formerly known as GymPact, this creative app makes you bet against yourself to carry out a healthy task each week, whether it is completing workout routines for a whole week, or eating whole servings of fruit and vegetables, and if you complete your assignment, you make some money out of it. Understandably, if you fail to accomplish your assigned task, the app will demand you to pay for it. Putting money on the line will always keep you on your toes, and Pact sure knows about this.


For expensive fitness classes, give Aaptiv a try for a fraction of the cost of a real one. This app is an audio-centric fitness subscription app, and one of the best out there. For $14.99 per month or $99 for a year, Aaptiv grants you access to over 2500 of its classes, and additionally, the company claims to be in constant updating with regard to their content, thanks to 15 active fitness professionals who add up to 30 new routines each week. From strength training to Yoga, you’ll be given a wide-ranging training experience which you’re free to customize as much as possible to meet your wants and needs.

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