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Marbloid description

Marbloid is a unique concept that comes in the shape of an action game for iOS devices. Beautiful to the eyes and the ears, this game takes us to an aesthetic entrepreneur journey. Marbloid can be bought from the Apple iTunes Store. It’s unavailable to download from the Google Play Store currently. Marbloid is a paid app so that means there are no ads throughout the course of the game. This is a premium game with no additional in-app purchases. Once you buy the game, you’re open to all the features this app has to offer.

The Review

Marbloid takes you inside the mind of a business entrepreneur captured in a magic marble and fantasy landscape. The entire concept of this game is definitely unique and earns originality points. The actual gameplay of the game, however, is something we’ve all seen before. Your goal is to guide the rolling marble along the course of obstacles and prevent the marble from falling.

Along the way you get to collect emojis to score points and add to your collection. Each level in Marbloid is exotically designed with exciting visuals and soundtracks to back them up. Headphones are highly recommended when playing this action game. The background music is composed by Disasteradio while the aesthetics of the game take you to six different worlds inspired by Greek busts, holograms, dolphins and 90s tech companies.

The controls of Marbloid are a clear winner as well. You only need to tilt and tap to play this game and although this sounds pretty simple and easy, it’s actually a feat to master when you’re thrown into obstacles and courses of all kinds. To steer your marble along the course left to right, you’ll need to tilt your phone in the desired direction. You can also make your marble jump through obstacles simply by tapping on the screen. The design is simple and the development of Marbloid is exquisite. This is definitely a high class game.

There are several different modes that you can play in Marbloid. One gaming mode is the Casual Core where you can enjoy a relaxing gameplay experience without time limits or other restrictions. This is the gaming mode where you can practice and master your skills in the game. Casual Core hosts all kinds of courses with down hills, rhythmic jump sections (again – headphones recommended!), powerful speed pads, portals, chilling rails and more.

You can also take on the actual plot line of the game that is to be the best and most successful entrepreneur. Since the game is located in the mind of a business man, your goal is to earn a billion points to win the game. The more levels you clear, the better your score points will be. Although earning a billion points will take quite a lot of time but it’s definitely do-able and you can completely clear this game.

You can also collect emojis along the way in the levels to upgrade your power-ups in the game. These emojis also help you unlock new and unique marbles with their own personalized perks and advantages. Marbloid also features 30 ranks with exciting missions to keep the game going and breaking the monotony of the main gaming mode.

Why do we recommend this app?

  • Unique action game with an interesting concept
  • Gorgeous visuals and sound track
  • Different gaming modes
  • You can win the game completely by scoring billion points
  • You can upgrade your power-ups
  • Customization options of the marbles; each marble comes with its own set of perks
  • Numerous missions to play
  • No ads or in-app purchases

What can be improved in this app?

  • Not available for Android users

Marbloid is one of the top apps in the Adventure app category, which belongs to Supyrb. It's last update was on April 4, 2019 and it has been already downloaded times. On the app store it has now 359 reviews. After you get to Marbloid page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Supyrb
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Updated: April 4, 2019
  • Requires Android: iOS 10 or later

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