high school student apps

high school student apps

In high school, more often than not it feels like we’re not organized, motivated or smart enough, but most of the times we just lack the necessary tools to accomplish everything we have and need to do. That’s why in this article you will get a selection of the 10 best apps that are certified to increase your productivity and motivation this school year.

Top 10 High School Student’s Apps:


Keep all of your PDF documents nice and organized with this managing and reading research app, especially when essays and paper assignments won’t stop coming your way!  You will be able to sync all your PDF documents in any of your devices, organize them according to which subject they belong to using folders and groups, access to all of your information offline, wherever you are, and you can also make highlights and annotations of anything you deem relevant in your research query. Mendeley is available for Android and Apple devices.

Kno Textbooks

Kno Textbooks is a very useful app that allows you to buy and download “70,000+ e-textbooks at 30-50% off the list price”, which you can highlight and make any kind of annotations that may seem useful for later. Also, you can sync your content to all of your devices and that way you can have your textbooks anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of carrying heavy books around all day. Kno Textbooks is available for Android and Apple devices.


Say goodbye to the old-fashioned paper planner that you always forget to check to see when your assignments and tests are due, and embrace this new, awesome way of organizing your school activities. With no need for Internet connection, you will always be up to date with all of your school assignments, and forgetting to study for a test, or when an essay is due will be a problem no more. myHomework is available for Android and Apple devices.


This really cool app allows you to store web pages for offline reading: “On-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted”. What this app does is store web pages as text only, baring them off of as much distracting content as possible, with adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing and margins, also including a dark mode and brightness control should you want to read at night. Instapaper is available for Android and Apple devices.


A powerful tool that generates the answer to any math problem just by taking a picture of it, with a detailed step-by-step explanation of how it is solved, graphs included, if needed. Photomath is available for Android and Apple devices.


Having over 38,000 five-star ratings on GooglePlay, Mathway is the World’s #1 Math Problem Solver; and if you’re a high school or a college student, this will be the app that will solve all of your (math) problems, for free! Whether it’s a basic algebra o complex calculus problem, Mathway will instantly solve it, providing you with a step by step explanation if needed, just by typing the formula in or by simply snapping a picture on it. Mathway is available for Android and Apple devices.


Whether you’re preparing for you SATs, studying for next week’s midterm or you are just a curious cat that wants to learn new things, the Quizlet app might be the answer to all of your prayers: Including subjects such as vocabulary, biology, chemistry, social sciences, history and more; you can now create your own flashcards or, if you prefer, you can choose from countless others from students around the world, in the most fun and simple of ways, with the added bonus of being free! Quizlet is available for Android and Apple devices.


Study whenever and wherever from your phone with this convenient app, and get ready for your upcoming SATs. Its features include lessons that will help you understand any SAT content you might be struggling with, 1000+ questions with their respective answers, tons of flashcards, personalized tests; all of this while tracking your strengths and weaknesses along the way. Ready4SAT is available for Android and Apple devices.


Sometimes, being a high school student = being a procrastinator; if it’s ringing any bells, then Unstuck is bound to be your BFF for the rest of the school year. Unstuck is a motivational e-coach that with a series of steps will gradually and efficiently get you back on track with those aspects of your life where you’re feeling stuck. Unstuck is available for Apple devices.


Putting our phones down can be a hard task when we have a lot of things to do, i.e., homework, study for a midterm or write a paper that’s due tomorrow. In those cases, this anti-procrastination app might be just what you need. The app works this way: Every time you have work to do, just set the app’s timer and it will automatically plant a virtual tree, which will grow in the following time; if you exit the app before the timer runs out, the tree will be killed. On the other hand, if you comply with the time that you established, you’ll get to build your own virtual forest. The app also rewards you with virtual coins that can later be exchanged for a chance of planting a real-life tree. Forest is available for Android and Apple devices.

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