top apps for travelers

When you’re out there on the road and you just happen to be a passenger on a long car ride or you have pulled over for the night and you just need to have some fun on your mobile device to pass the time until you start along further to your destination, you want to have apps that will let you enjoy your downtime until you are ready to go again. With this article I am going to give you 5 essential apps for travelers that will help you pass the time easily or will just help you along with your ride to make travelling that much more easy.

top apps for travelers

MAPS.ME is an essential travel app that anyone travelling around by vehicle should have. Having a map handy for all of the places that you might be going is always a good idea so that you can have a better idea of how to best get to your destination. There is no better tool than having a map of any kind with you and this app is no different than the real thing.


Depending on where you are going you always want to have some sort of translator with you just in case you happen to get lost and the only way to communicate with people effectively would be to have something that can help you speak to people of all kinds of different languages should the case call for it. You never know where you might end up and this is why this one app should always be on your apps for travellers list.


Mandic Magic is a tool that will allow your mobile device to find WiFi anywhere that you are. This is a great app to have while you are travelling so that you can save on your minutes while using your smart phone. Mandic Magic will save you time and money while on the road to where ever your trip might be taking you.


Yelp is the perfect app to see what locals have to say about any restaurant or local stop anywhere that you might be and you just happen to want to see what the local venues have to offer. With the yelp app you will be able to see what everyone else is saying to help you better decide whether or not you want to go and try the places out for yourself.


Hailo is the perfect travel app to have on your mobile device for when you have already arrived at your destination and you don’t feel like driving everywhere or you happen to be in a city where it would just make more sense to take a taxi from point a to b. Hailo will allow you to hail a taxi anywhere you are in 30 seconds flat which is always a great tool to have when you are out and about. Hailo will save you time and make sure you will always be able to get your place of interest on time and in no time flat!

Like Hailo, there are other apps you can use for transportation in almost every city in the world like Uber or Lyft. Check them out!

Every single one of these apps for travellers is a must have on anyone’s mobile device so that they will always be there when you need it at the touch of a button. You never know when you might need any one of these apps at any time while on the road or in life in general.

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