Here comes again the most wonderful time of the year, and so the stressful task of Christmas shopping has just started. We’re well aware we are a bit late into posting Christmas Shopping tips, as most responsible people have already sorted out all of their holiday gifts for their loved ones and have properly avoided the inescapable last minute gift hunt that follows once you actually organize yourself, but we know deep in our hearts we’re not alone when we say we’ve yet to purchase gifts for our loved ones, or even searched for them for that matter. We can’t say for sure in which lot you belong with, but we might be inclined to say you haven’t done your Santa’s duties either if you’re reading this article. Making a holiday gift list is the easiest of your responsibilities, but tracking each of the stores that have the items you’re looking for, as well as overseeing the entire online shopping process of each of them while also perusing the lowest possible prices for all gifts to fit within your budget might actually be the reason why many of us procrastinate on buying Christmas gifts. That’s why we compiled a list of the best apps to help you (and us!) get organized this holiday season, so every of your loved ones receives a punctual and reasonably priced dose of your love. Enjoy the holidays!


This app wasn’t specifically made for the Holiday seasons, but aside from being the perfect tool to organize and keep track of all your Christmas gifts, you can continue to use it for the rest of the year in case of birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings. You’ll immediately be able to start adding up gift ideas once you download the app, and you can find each of them within its New Gift Section, where you’ll be allowed to key in any type of information, from the gift’s price and quantity, to the receiver of the gift. The app is also packed with extra features, such as importing people from your contacts and adding stores into de app, so you can attach them to each of the gift’s entries.


There’s nothing better than knowing exactly what to buy to your loved ones, and likewise, the joy you feel after you find out you’ve received a gift you actually like is unparalleled to anything. The fear of getting or receiving the wrong gift from someone is called Gift Anxiety, and the developers of Giftster had this in mind when they created and consequently released this simple but very useful app. In a nutshell, Giftster allows you to organize your gift list or any of your relative’s in order to share them with your friends and family. To make it more personal, the app is primarily designed to make your information available only to your family and close friends through Groups you can create, where you’ll be able to keep track of everyone’s gift wishes as well as they’ll be able to check on your own.

Santa’s Bag

You can fully become a Santa’s elf helper with one of the most seasonal apps both available to Apple and Android, Santa’s Bag. The app works as a shopping list manager, where you’ll be able to input your gift ideas and the people who’ll receive them, as well as enter photos of each person in your list. Santa’s Bag features a workable but festive-looking interface that allows you to peruse your lists of gifts depending of the receiver, or as a whole personal inventory. To avoid certain prying eyes (hear this out, parents) there’s even an option to set a pass code so anyone but you can see what you’ve got planned. You’ve got it all in here: A cute and cheerful Santa, a Christmas Day Countdown, and most importantly, its main page always shows the amount of money you’ve got to spend for these holidays.

The Christmas List

This is yet another seasonal app, and therefore one of our favorites. It pretty much works exactly as our aforementioned Christmas application: You get to create a list of gifts you want give to your friends or family, and you’re given to option to add them from your Contacts. The best about The Christmas list is its convenient data visualization of your gifts, as it uses charts to inform you of your shopping statistics. That way you’ll keep track of your gift by status: Idea, Need to buy, Purchased, Shipping, Received, Wrapped or Presented. To make your shopping easier you can also sort gift by stores, aside from the 14 different filters you can use to quickly find the information you need.

Discount Calculator 

We’re well aware this app does not necessarily fit into the whole festive criteria, but you might need this more than you care to admit. Discount Calculator is the ultimate shopping companion for anyone on a rush and looking to find discounts on their purchases. Save that tight Christmas budget using this app, where you can calculate the final price after a discount within minimal effort and through a nice interface. Your only job is to type in your sale price and your discount percentage, and Discount Calculator will do the rest. You’ll also be able to set a tax value for price tags, as well as adjust it for different retail tax rates by state.

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