The multitude of streaming services available as of right now is extraordinary compared to a few years back, but the presence of behemoth-like streamers such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime still continue to stand among the crowd mainly for their extreme dedication to keeping their content libraries packed with copious amounts of quality TV ready for you to dive in to a not-too-healthy binge-watch session. Now, you’ve made your decision, and as you picked Amazon Prime as your streaming choice, take into consideration the many perks you can fully take advantage on, like free expedited shipping, early access to free deals and lots of free kindle downloads, and additionally, not only Amazon Video is loaded with too many movies and TV show titles to name, but the service actually does make an excellent job in offering a considerable quantity of quite outstanding TV content, even going as far as to include entire legendary HBO series such as The Sopranos and Sex and The City. Moreover, as it similarly happened with other streaming services, Amazon Video didn’t fall behind on original content, so with Transparent as one of its big first comedy hits and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel getting several wins on the latest Emmy Awards, it is safe to say the company is on its way to build a solid and rather remarkable compendium of hours and hours of excellent entertainment. With so much to choose from, the options can get overwhelming, and there’s no better place to start than perusing only the best at the outset. Choosing the best 5 TV shows among the entire collection was an impossible feat, so we broadened our list up to ten titles and consequently divided them between the best drama series and the best comedy series, so you’ll have a wider but still not too vast choice of the best options inside Amazon Video to binge-watch.


With HBO’s recent announcement of the release of its seventh and final season to premiere in spring 2019, you’ve still got plenty of time to catch up on one of the funniest shows on television at the moment, if you haven’t already. In an era where the only depictions about the inner-workings of the White House are always expected to be something along the lines of House of Cards, Veep takes a totally different and refreshing approach by way of unfolding itself through subtle, high-brow humor and provocative subtext, where the major plot is more or less shunned and it’s the individual and day-to-day political moments that fill out the thirty minutes of each of the episode’s running time. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the leading role of a fictional vice president of the United States is more than fitting, and the same happens with the rest of the show’s impressive cast. What the show has been able to accomplish this past six seasons it’s the way it refuses to become a parody of the real-world’s politics, thus dealing with its own absurdity that develops far away from all of today’s much too satirized political ludicrousness, and grant us a highly-crafted but light-hearted comedy.


Amazon Video’s underrated gem was unfortunately cancelled just after its 4th season mainly for its lack of audience and also due to the company’s decision to shift towards big-budget shows rather than focusing on small indie projects such as Roman Coppola’s above-mentioned dramedy TV series, but this turn of events shouldn’t veer you from giving it a well-deserved chance within your what-to-watch-next list. This beautiful depiction of the lives of several professional musicians playing on the fictional New York Symphony was precisely made for quick consumption, as the occurrences of each of the characters never feels slow and succeeds in swiftly connect its viewers with the whole cast with modesty and humor, without falling into inaccessible and unnecessary music jargon. Its immersive visuals often craft entire episodes as delightful pieces about the search for one’s passion, art, and love, thus producing episode after episode of musical baubles that will truly charm the pants off anyone.


Back in the 1998’s, the end of most of America’s beloved show Seinfeld finally came, and with that it seemed there was nothing else that could match the show’s comedic excellent level. Fast-forward to year 2000, Curb Your Enthusiasm made its first appearance also within HBO’s transmission from the mind of no other than Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, who happens to be the star of the show. From its first season there was no denial of the consequent “cult” status the show would receive, not only for the many ways it reminisces Seinfeld down to the main structure of each of its episodes and general daily social life plots, but also for the way it takes many aspects of its predecessor to new heights: With Larry David starring as an extreme fictionalized version of himself, the show portrays the absolute worst aspects of its protagonist down to the point of cringe worthy, but it’s such dark and pessimistic humor that keeps the show relatable even after eight long seasons.


Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino may have produced her newest and striking new hit with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as the show’s numerous awards and nominations can confirm. The period comedy-drama is as fizzy and cheerful as its name sounds, and with Palladino’s very familiar fast-pacing storytelling we go inside the seemingly perfect life of one Manhattan housewife Midge Maisel as her life gets completely turned around after his wannabe comedian husband decides to leave her as soon as confessing he’s having an affair. Previous to his announcement we learn the real brains behind the husband’s so-so jokes comes from his wife, who’s humorist gift goes as far as startling everyone with her spectacular wedding speech, so it’s no surprise when she takes the stand up stage once she gets dumped, and shocks everyone by being hilarious and extremely spontaneous. Afterwards, the story follows Midge’s attempts to become a real comedian in the middle of the 1960s, where each episode will surely no doubt surprise you with the show’s loose but very joyous narrative.


From the moment it was released, one of Transparent’s major achievements was not only putting Amazon original content on the map, but actually putting itself on the map. While the show’s general filming and overall cinematic quality is nothing to go nuts for, it’s the writing and exceptional performance of its entire cast that makes the show such a revolutionary comedy drama. The plot, which unfolds itself in such an audacious and brave form, takes off just after the patriarch of the Pfefferman family finally decides to transition and live out as a woman, and along with her three grownup children and ex-wife, she attempts to find herself amongst a world not commonly known for accepting sexual diversity, and also explore the communities that support her way of life. Besides the show’s much obvious focus about gender and identity, its true heart lies in the importance of family within our lives, about parents, children and being a child. Though the plot sounds somewhat turbulent, it’s Transparent’s very soothing and flowy story line that succeeds in portraying a uniquely important tale in the most naturalistic way, as it should be.

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