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Google Snapchat acquisition

The Snapchat app has proven to be popular among the teenage demographic lately. Google wants to benefit from that popularity in its tech portfolio. The tech giant is looking to keep pace with the competition in every arena. The corporation is sometimes perceived as being nerdy when compared to its peers. But Google supporters want to see the tech corporation do well in the coming years. That may explain why Google offered to buy Snapchat itself for a whopping 30 billion dollars. Corporate leaders want to make headlines and assign the right move too. Follow the decisions that Google opts to make.

Look At Insider Information

Traders have tracked the decisions that Google made regarding the purchase. Of course, the team at Snapchat can decline the offer to buy the company itself. They are successful and enjoy a fair amount of popularity as well. Reports indicate that Snapchat has around 173 million users around the world. That is promising for the young company and its future. Google is ready to unveil its latest set of terms for the company. That could make headlines and net a new partner for the tech giant. These are big name moves that are taking place in the tech world.

Decisions Made So Far

The offer was extended to Snapchat before their latest funding round. Insiders thought Google’s timing was well thought out ahead of time. The $30 billion offer would appeal to nearly any investor hoping to buy. Google is ready to buy when it comes to these new companies. But time will tell whether Snapchat leaders opt to decide if they want to buy. The company did go public and has their own user base to consider. But high profile deals seem to be the norm recently for these buyers. The shares are currently trading for about $12.50 per offer through various markets.

How To Use The App

Take pictures and share with friends by using the Snapchat app. That makes it possible to share pictures while on the go. Trendy people and their friends list will appreciate its utility too. Google is very interested in the potential that the Snapchat app holds for the world. The pairing between the two organizations is renowned for many in the world over. New phones can make good use out of the app itself. Tech insiders have high hopes for the use of the application.

What Makes It Valuable

Snapchat is a brand new social network outlet that is popular. That fact has captured news headlines and other venues by the development team. Company leaders are already bragging about the millions of new users they have secured. That has seen a rapid increase in the value of the company itself. Investors are wary because they don’t want to get trapped in a financial bubble again. The tech industry has seen its ups and downs in the past. But things do look up for Snapchat and its dedicated team.

Why Google Wants To Buy

It is obvious that Google wants to stay on the cutting edge. The tech giant has always been a stalwart figure in the tech marketplace. But they are not always known for fashionable items. Snapchat could lend a trendy application to their lineup. Google needs to continue selling products to keep pace with the competition. Their billion dollar bid is a sign that they are willing to keep playing. Moves like these will represent big news for the tech giant. But they don’t want to make negative headlines with a decline. It is a careful balancing act to pursue as well.

Competing Offers Mentioned

News reports indicate that Facebook offered $3 billion to buy Snapchat. That is a significant figure too and needs to be considered. Perhaps Facebook wants to buy out a rival organization they are facing. That will clear the way and allow Facebook to absorb their user base. Tech leaders may be fearful of the millions that utilize Snapchat. Google responded with a similar offer during that time frame. That may be the beginning of a bidding war over the app. That may surprise industry insiders who had not considered the value of apps.

Value Of A Social Network

Business leaders think that the social network is here to stay. Younger crowds certainly appreciate the concept and want to contribute. Google has identified the trend and understands the importance of social networks. Look for their services to be offered, including Google Plus where available. But people have not taken to their lineup en mass over time. Meanwhile, Snapchat has ballooned to a sizable proportion as of lately. Google can add their app to an impressive lineup. The business world has taken note and approves of the idea.

Other Details To Consider

Spiegel is the leader of the Snapchat team. He oversees the work of roughly 2500 employees on a daily basis. They would need to transition in to the Google ranks if the deal is made. That represents a significant challenge for everyone involved. Google has made big moves before and enjoyed success. But there are critics who doubt that it would work for them. Both corporations have to agree to the deal for it to work. A finalized offer can be drafted and introduced for them. Industry insiders are working to see the deal through to the end.

What The Market Thinks

Snap was evaluated in 2016 and received its own rating. The evaluated placed a value of $20 billion on the company at large. That is great news for the company and its list of services. People want to make their case and contribute whenever possible. Snap has proven to be resilient and important on every level possible. That has made it a popular new entry to a crowded tech market. Given time, the small group could make big waves. That has got everyone excited about the possibilities there too.

What do you think about this offer? Will Google acquire Snapchat? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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