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You have many options to type when you are in WhatsApp, and you will find that it is much easier to express your sentiments when you are typing to your friends. there are many reasons why you would want to use special text in the WhatsApp application because you are talking to friends and colleagues, and the app has been set up to ensure that you will have a lovely time typing.

You have an extra option that will show your contacts how you feel about anything that you are sending them. This article shows how you will create any text that you like, and you will be happy to use this sort of text the more exciting to read.

whatsapp bold text

#1: Get The App

Getting the app is the first step in the process, and you must find the app in the App Store where you will download it at any time. You must have enough space on your device, and you must have a strong Internet signal that will allow you to download the app. There are many people who need to clear room off their phones to get WhatsApp, and they must ensure that they have the room cleared out of their phone before the download begins. It is much easier for you to download the app when you have prepared the phone for such a process.

#2: Add Your Contacts

You must add all your contacts in app before you send any messages, and you will have the option to import all your contacts before you start using the app. You must check all the settings, and you will find that all the settings in the app must be adjusted before you start using the app. The app itself cannot be functional in any way until you have what you want. You have the capacity to send many images after you have started using the app, and you can emphasize much of the text you have written by using bold text.

#3: How Do You Add Bold Text?

You may add bold text in Whatsapp at any time when you want to make a point in your conversations, and you should ensure that you have found the star button on the keyboard. Every keyboard is a bit different, and you must find the place where the star key has been added. You will see that it is printed as a “*” and included with every other special character in the keyboard. There are many people who must get used to using this character, and you will find that it is much easier to type once you are ready to begin adding bold text. It is wise to research your keyboard, and you will be much happier with the results because you have chosen to type with a bit of skill.

#4: Add The Stars

You will add stars on both sides of a word when you want it to be bold, and you will find that it is much like typing action in texting culture. You must have the stars on both sides of the word, and you must include the stars every time you want something to be bold. You have many more options to ensure that you give the right impression when you are talking, and you will find that the stars allow you to say things that have truer and deeper meaning. You will be impressed with yourself, and you will be impressed with the way the bold text looks when it is sent over to someone on the other side. You may surprise people the first time you use the bold text, and you will notice how much easier it is to have an impactful conversation.

#5: The App Allows This At Any Time

There are many people who want to use bold text in quotes or in other places that will help them make their points, and you must ensure that you have looked through the options that you have when you are typing. You may place the stars anywhere, and they will convert into bold text the second that you have typed them out. You will notice that you may add the bold text anywhere in a conversation.

#6: Using All Bold Text

You must ensure that you have checked the stars for each word you want to bold because you can bold a whole sequence of text with just two stars. The bold text that you are creating is limited to short strings, but it will work when you are not putting any other kinds of characters in between. You will be happy with the results you get when you have used the stars properly, and you will see everything come out bold as soon as you hit send.

#7: The App Is Always Expanding

The app is expanding every day, and they are giving their customers many chances tot yep in better ways. You will have more fun with the app because it helps you make sure that you have the right sorts of talks with your friends. You want them to get the right message, and you want them to know that you have heard their messages. They may send you as many bold texts as you like, and you will have more fun in the app because you can add bold text even if it is not necessary, and you will create your own brand of humor inside the app.

There are many people who will use the messaging app to chat, and they must know how to type in bold text. You will create your bold text easily once you have set up the app properly, and you may type it out any time you want. You will have much more fun using this app because you can do more than type traditional text, and you will be much more happy with the messaging app because it allows you to express yourself in ways that you could not express yourself in any other way.

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