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Android Oreo Is The New Tasty Name For Their Operating System

Google has come out with their new operating system that has the tasty name Oreo. There are many people who love to use Android devices because the platform spreads across many different brands and manufacturers. You may use the Android Oreo operating system on any of your phones or tablets, and you will notice that the operating system helps you ensure that you get the best performance possible. Android Oreo is the new way to run an Android device, and you must upgrade the moment they let you.

#1: Why The Name?

Oreo was chosen because it fits in with the tasty names that they use to name their Android operating systems. The company has had things such as Ice Cream running their systems, and everyone loves Oreos. They have chosen Oreo to ask their users to open up to a new way to run their phones and tablets, and there are some people who will start to use it immediately in their devices. The Google team has built in a lot of things in the system that will help you, and you will find that you may improve your experience quite a lot.

#2: Two Times Faster

The new Oreo system is twice as fast as what you have on your device right now, and there are many people who want to see their experience change the second they make the upgrade. There are many upgrades that people do to change the way that they use their phones just by coming up to Oreo, and you will fall back in love with your phone because you are using this operating system.

#3: Less Background

The background refreshing on your phone will be shut down, and you will find that you have more memory on your phone to use your apps. It will be easier for you to control the phone and keep it as functional as possible. You will have more fun using the phone, and you will enjoy the phone much more because it does all the things that you need to do.

#4: Picture In Picture

Picture in picture on the phone is great for you when you are using video apps, and you can use anything that lets you talk to friends or take videos while you are using the phone itself. It is much more fun for someone to use the phone when they can use this function, and it works on a lot of apps that you are using every day. You will have a lot more fun on the phone because you can use this feature to see the people that you wanted to talk to.

#5: Navigation

Navigating the phone is a lot easier because it has been set up for you to tap around in seconds. You can get to all the apps tha toyu use in just a few taps, and you will have more power to organize your phone to use every day. everyone has their own needs, and you will be able to make a change to the way that you work because you have used your phone in the right way. It just makes more sense for you to use these phones for your work or life, and you will save time because the phone does what you need it to do.

You may change to Oreo today, and you will find that Oreo gives you all the options that you need. You will find that it is much faster, much easier to use, and much easier to control. This makes all phones and tablets better to use.

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