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Wordscapes description

Educational games have always enjoyed a special corner in a parent’s smartphone for their kids to enjoy. These apps not only make for a good pass time activity but also provide a learning experience. Wordscapes is an educational game that takes the format of an anagram game and adds certain tweaks to it to make it even more fun. This app is free to download but you can still invest actual money on the in-app purchases. It’s also available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Review

Although the target audience for Wordscapes is young children, older children and some bookish adults might get their kick of spelling and anagrams from this game too. Although the official app description describes the game as a crossword puzzle, in reality it’s a simple anagram game that puts the guessed words into a crossword like format.

There is a striking lack of general instructions for the game and players might find it puzzling to navigate their way around the app. Although the objective of the game is pretty clear-cut, the lack of instructions does make some elements of the game hard to understand even for adult players let alone children. For example throughout the game you earn in-app coin currency but you really never figure out how you earn it or how the algorithm works. These coins can actually come in handy when you’re trying to find your way out of a tight spot in the game so it’s important to know how to earn this currency. Of course watching video advertisements is one way of doing it.

Despite the obvious lack of instructions and set rules, Wordscapes does deliver in terms of the actual gameplay. The classic anagram gameplay is retained and players have the option to scramble the letters to spark some more spelling ideas. Once a word has been correctly guessed it automatically fits into the crossword puzzle or word search. The controls are pretty basic too. You simply have to swipe across the letters and connect them to form a word.

The best part about Wordscapes is how it manages to incorporate an educational value to its app. After a word has been correctly guessed, players can choose to look up its meaning and definition in the app’s built-in dictionary. Each word is described precisely to enhance the vocabulary of the player and elevate the status of this app to a fun educational game.

Wordscapes is a kid-friendly app with no inappropriate content of any sort. Ads are highly filtered and they appear infrequently compared to other free apps. This is a major plus point in our books given that most free to play games are always overloaded with ads. Wordscapes also has a single player mode only and there is no way to connect with other random players through the internet. This means that the game can also be played without an active internet connection.

The levels featured in the game start out as pretty basic with easy words to guess but the difficulty level of the game rises with each level. There comes a point where you have to guess seven letter words to make it through the level. Wordscapes features over 3700 levels with the crossword puzzle theme, all of course played in an anagram style.

Why do we recommend this app?

  • Fun educational game
  • Features over 3700 levels
  • Anagram style gaming format with a crossword puzzle theme
  • Players can scramble the letters if they feel stuck or use hints to clear a level
  • Levels get challenging slowly
  • Kid-friendly: no inappropriate content, filtered ads and no online playing support
  • Free to play with less number of ads compared to most free games

What can be improved in this app?

  • Lack of instructions or a tutorial

Wordscapes is one of the top apps in the Word app category, which belongs to PeopleFun. It's last update was on January 22, 2019 and it has been already downloaded 10,000,000+ times. On the app store it has now 525,453 reviews. After you get to Wordscapes page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: PeopleFun
  • Current Version: 1.0.58
  • Updated: January 22, 2019
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
  • Category: word
  • Price: Free

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525,453 total
5 475,800
4 33,408
3 8,207
2 0
1 5,546
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