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The Stillness of the Wind

The Stillness of the Wind

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The Stillness of the Wind description

The Stillness of the Wind is a highly acclaimed game for PC and mobile that illustrates realistic, disturbing themes. Despite its strong and bold concept, this game is a critically acclaimed and award-winning piece of work. However, it’s currently only available for iOS users and is yet to arrive on the Google Play Store. You can download The Stillness of the Wind from the Apple iTunes Store but you’ll need to pay for it.

The Review

Eerie graphics and a smooth gameplay are what define The Stillness of the Wind. This game follows a unique plot that revolves around Talma – an old woman at the end of her days as she maintains her simple and solitary life in the village. The story takes place in a quiet village from where all the residents have shifted to the city leaving Talma alone with her animals and her simple home. Your job in the game is to make sure Talma lives a quiet and peaceful life tending to her homestead and her goats.

This casual game has elements of both strategy and simulation. In The Stillness of the Wind you need to develop a personal everyday routine for Talma. You’ll need to take care of your farm and tend to all the animals in it. You can also make cheese with the milk of the goats you have and you can collect eggs. You also need to cook meals, grow vegetables and other home chores to make your life in the village sustainable.

What makes this game so different from all of the rest in its genre is the plot that constantly keeps you on your feet. Talma receives disturbing letters from her family in the city throughout the course of the game and there are other plot twists that you’ll encounter as you play The Stillness of The Wind. The rich story behind this game is what makes it so distinct and highly coveted.

When it comes to the app design, there’s no doubt that the developers have outdone themselves. This app is truly beautiful with gorgeous graphics and sounds that completely douse you into the mood of the game. The village and farm is reminiscent of the house in Courage, the Cowardly Dog and the eerie theme also takes inspiration from this hit cartoon. Colors of the game are warm and attractive and all the animations in it are unique. What’s more, the background music and sounds in The Stillness of the Wind are excellent to build the atmosphere of the game.

The Stillness of the Wind is a follow up of the critically acclaimed Where the Goats Are. This recently developed follow up is also a hit amongst players and something that we hope to see soon in the Google Play Store as well.

If there’s anything that needs to be worked on in this app, it’s the crashing and bugs problems. Many users have complained of the app crashing and facing technical errors which are pretty frustrating especially if you’ve paid to download and play the game.

Why do we recommend The Stillness of the Wind?

  • Unique plot and characters
  • Interesting casual gameplay
  • Eerie and realistic themes
  • Excellent graphics, sound and app design

What can be improved in The Stillness of the Wind?

  • Still not available for Android users
  • Has a lot of bugs and the app crashes sometimes

The Stillness of the Wind is one of the top apps in the Adventure app category, which belongs to Surprise Attack Games. It's last update was on April 4, 2019 and it has been already downloaded 100,000+ times. On the app store it has now 12,441,598 reviews. After you get to The Stillness of the Wind page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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The Stillness of the Wind
The Stillness of the Wind

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Surprise Attack Games
  • Current Version: 1.02
  • Updated: April 4, 2019
  • Requires Android: iOS 10 or later

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12,441,598 total
5 9,249,485
4 1,731,009
3 635,505
2 233,059
1 592,540
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