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Ships of Battle - Age of Pirates

Ships of Battle - Age of Pirates

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Ships of Battle - Age of Pirates description

This free to play strategy game is a dream come true for any navy fan. Artik Games combine extraordinary graphics, epic gameplay and controls and a lot of strategy to produce an all-rounder app for mobile – Ships of Battle: Ages of Pirates. You can download this app from the iTunes store or from the Google Play Store. It’s free to download but be prepared for a lot of ads and in-app purchases to be thrown towards your direction.

The Review

The game revolves around you and your quest to become the best and most feared pirate of the Caribbean Sea. You can explore the vast waters and the islands beyond Cuba or Nassau to capture and take over as much territory as you can – after all, you are a pirate and you must become a good one. Ships of Battle is a game that relies heavily on strategy and tact. It’s not simply a battle game although the battles are pretty well animated and action packed. At the end of the day whoever navigates their flock of ships in the most intelligent way will take home the trophy.

In Ships of Battles, you can build your own pirate empire. This can be done by accruing bigger and better ships as you make your way across the course of the game. You can also grow your city and build your own settlement in the empire. The game is largely based on ships and the seas but it’s still a warfare game like most other apps in the genre and your ultimate goal is to take over enemy grounds and conquer as much of the world as you can.

Ships of Battles features high quality 3D graphics to give players the best ship game experience. These visuals are backed with epic sound effects and background music to completely absorb you into the game. You can collect over 20 amazing warship and battleships in the game with more content available if you make some in-app purchase.

There are also several quests that you can take on to increase your skill in battle and grow your empire even larger. The controls of Ships of Battles aren’t that complex but they certainly are unique since it is a game where you maneuver and navigate navy fleets. You may want to pay attention to the instructions and tutorials of the game to really get to know how to play the game. It’s simple to understand but the strategy is difficult to master.

Along with a colorful range of ships to collect and add to your fleet, you can also unlock a huge list of armors and weapons for your pirate games. There are several customization options in Ships of Battles including the ability to upgrade your ship to the fullest. As you win battles, you get to collect more and more rewards. These rewards can then be used to purchase better and stronger armors for your ships to make your fleet unbeatable.

Ships of Battles is also backed with a rich storyline that will satisfy all those players who look for a good plot in the game. There are also tons of enemies and bosses to battle with, a huge world to explore in the game and all kinds of features to keep the players interest.

The app has managed to gain pretty stellar remarks and feedback from users on both the Google Play Store and the iTunes store. Some users have, however, complained of the game erring when it comes to saving the progress as well as the game taking time to load.

Why do we recommend Ships of Battle: Ages of Pirates?

  • Strategy-based naval warfare game with an engaging gameplay and a rich plotline
  • Over 20 ships to unlock and upgrade
  • Tons of customization features
  • A huge world and seven seas to explore
  • Free to download and play

What can be improved in Ships of Battle: Ages of Pirates?

  • Technical issues in the app concerning saving the game progress and slow loading time

Ships of Battle - Age of Pirates is one of the top apps in the Strategy app category, which belongs to Artik Games. It's last update was on March 30, 2019 and it has been already downloaded 5,000,000+ times. On the app store it has now 121,625 reviews. After you get to Ships of Battle - Age of Pirates page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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Ships of Battle - Age of Pirates
Ships of Battle - Age of Pirates

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Artik Games
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: March 30, 2019
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 5,000,000+
  • Category: strategy
  • Price: Free

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121,625 total
5 83,664
4 22,804
3 7,585
2 1,937
1 5,835
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