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Roll the Ball - slide puzzle

Roll the Ball - slide puzzle

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Roll the Ball - slide puzzle description

This Editor’s Choice puzzle ball game is probably one of the most recommended games on the app store and it is constantly shown in advertisements and on the main homepage of the Google Play Store. Roll the Ball takes an interesting spin on the classic maze puzzle and puts it into a three dimensional atmosphere. It’s a pretty addicting game but it does require you to use a lot of brain and tact. There are times when you might find yourself stuck in a certain puzzle. That’s when you might have to turn to in-app purchases for help. Roll the Ball, developed by BitMango, is a free to download application that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The Review

We all love a good puzzle game that can test the limits of our creativity and our intellectual capacity. Roll the Ball doesn’t outright seem like a particularly challenging puzzle game but the difficulty of the levels rise steeply as you make progress through the game. The main objective in every stage or level of Roll the Ball is to align all the pieces on the board in such a way as to create a pathway for the metallic ball to roll down towards the finish line. This means no barriers or dead ends and a clear route for the ball to roll to victory.

The mechanics and controls of Roll the Ball are pretty basic and you don’t really need an in-depth tutorial to get started in the game. It’s pretty obvious that you need to lead the ball to the block that says GOAL in brick-red. To do this, you can tap on each part of the board, rotate it and create continuity amongst the path. You can also drag and move the blocks in four directions to create a path apart from rotating it. There is more than one possible solution to each level although some of the more challenging stages might have only one answer.

When you clear a level, you’re also rewarded with a set number of stars. 3 stars are what you should aim for as they unlock new rewards, help you set records and open up a range of new levels and stages in the game.

This free to play ball game is simple to understand but difficult to master. As you progress through the levels, you’re met with more challenges and tweaks that you have to get past. Deriving a solution can sometimes be pretty frustrating and you might find yourself stuck multiple times. The game coerces you to spend on in-app purchases occasionally and give you clues and hints along the way through promoting advertisements but at the end of the day, you don’t really need any of these hints or special bonuses if you can come up with a solution yourself.

Roll the Ball features over 3000 levels and counting. New updates of the application arrive with fresh new levels to play so you can enjoy an unlimited ball puzzle experience on this app. The best part about Roll the Ball is that there is absolutely no time limit or penalty. You can enjoy this classic game at your own pace anytime and anywhere.

Roll the Ball is a thought-provoking game with simple mechanics but it does tend to get stale in the long run. Although highly addictive for some puzzle game fanatics, other players might find Roll the Ball monotonous and boring after a few levels. There are also a lot of ads throughout the game which can only be removed if you purchase the ad-free version of the app.

Why do we recommend Roll the Ball?

  • Fun, addictive thought-provoking ball puzzle game
  • Features over 3000 levels
  • No time limits or penalties
  • Simple, easy controls
  • Challenging levels
  • Bonuses, rewards and hints
  • Free to download and play

What can be improved in Roll the Ball?

  • Too many ads
  • The game can become stale and monotonous eventually

Roll the Ball - slide puzzle is one of the top apps in the Puzzle app category, which belongs to BitMango. It's last update was on March 21, 2019 and it has been already downloaded 100,000,000+ times. On the app store it has now 1,484,028 reviews. After you get to Roll the Ball - slide puzzle page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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Roll the Ball - slide puzzle
Roll the Ball - slide puzzle

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: BitMango
  • Current Version: 1.7.56
  • Updated: March 21, 2019
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000+
  • Category: puzzle
  • Price: Free

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1,484,028 total
5 1019214
4 276463
3 101,971
2 25379
1 61001
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