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Light Chaser

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Light Chaser description

Light Chaser is one of those generic role playing games that are perfect for new RPG players but not the best for those who are accustomed to this genre. Light Chaser has some impeccable visuals and music but when it comes to the actual story line and gameplay, it doesn’t hold up that well. Nonetheless, this is a highly popular game that exercises the themes of role playing in the most classic of ways. It’s essentially a free to download and play game for Android and iOS devices but the app has garnered quite a notorious reputation for being greedy and adding too many hefty in-app purchases.

The Review

Light Chaser isn’t the first RPG game that these developers have produced; other games by the developer are pretty much identical in terms of content and gaming format to Light Chaser. Perhaps the major difference is in the visual presentation. Light Chaser, powered by the dynamic Unreal Engine 4 produces spectacular 3D graphics, arts and animations. The graphics of Light Chaser are detailed, rich, and realistic so don’t be surprised if you get too absorbed in the action of the game. It’s also backed with incredible sound effect and high quality audio. The 7.1 channel surround sound support is a treat to the ears.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, however, Light Chaser simply fails to make a dominant impression. There’s nothing new in this game and it pretty much lines up with every other role playing game on the mobile app stores. The story follows your character who is a great warrior in a mission to save the world of Lorraine. Apparently an evil lord has escaped the seal of the heroes and is now creating havoc. It’s up to you and two other heroes to take down this evil boss and save the world.

Although from the looks of it, Light Chaser seems like a campaign mode single player game but it’s actually not. The app hosts a giant multiplayer arena where you can interact, work in collaboration or battle each other. What we love about this multiplayer arena is that it’s completely fair and anti-cheating. There’s no way to get more advantages through cheating and the game provides an equal opportunity to all players. Of course, VIP members or those who spend actual money on the game enjoy much more perks but otherwise, the game is pretty fair to everyone.

Battle format, as in most RPG games for mobile phones, is a player vs. player one. The action in the battles is well animated, detailed and breezy. The controls, however, aren’t anything out of the ordinary. You can equip your character and heroes with new weapon and armors but the fighting process is pretty average. Plus, there are no major complexities involved in Light Chaser so you won’t have trouble navigating your way around the app or the gameplay itself.

Since Light Chaser is an RPG game, it’s not surprising that the map in this game is extensive and elaborate. The epic world map of Lorraine projects players into a fantasy world where they can freely move about and progress step wise through the story.

There are also some additional events such as weddings and celebrations that you can participate in. Light Chaser also lets players communicate with each other through chat and messages.

Why do we recommend Light Chaser?

  • Gorgeous graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 4 with 7.11 channel surround sound quality
  • Epic world map that is elaborate and free to explore
  • Giant multiplayer online arena support where you can communicate and socialize with players across the world
  • PvP battles that are superbly animated
  • Tons of character customization options

What can be improved in Light Chaser?

  • The app frequently crashes, lags and faces other technical and login errors
  • Notorious for being greedy and including costly in-app purchases that may sometimes become a necessity to progress further into the game

Light Chaser is one of the top apps in the Role-Playing app category, which belongs to EYOUGAME(USS). It's last update was on July 27, 2018 and it has been already downloaded 1,000,000+ times. On the app store it has now 49,993 reviews. After you get to Light Chaser page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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Light Chaser
Light Chaser

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: EYOUGAME(USS)
  • Current Version: 15.3.9
  • Updated: July 27, 2018
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up

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49,993 total
5 38,466
4 6502
3 2,807
2 548
1 1670
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