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King's Raid

King's Raid

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King's Raid description

Ranked as one of the best RPG games for smartphones in multiple countries, King’s Raid is a solid frontrunner in the genre of strategy and role playing. With stunning three dimensional graphics to back up and a support for a giant multiplayer arena, King’s Raid pretty much checks all the right boxes. This game is also an Editor’s Choice app on the Google Play Store and can also be downloaded from the iTunes store. However, it might not be available to every country out there just yet.

The Review

King’s Raid brings you in a world of magic and a rich plot with gorgeously animated characters and cut scenes. This RPG game is a definite eye candy and takes all the points for being visually appealing as well as a great treat for the ears. The animations are closely similar in design to anime and Japanese animation so if you’re a fan of those, King’s Raid will not disappoint. The game boasts a host of high quality 3D characters that you can acquire and control. You can also upgrade the look of your character through Awakening and Transcendence abilities; hence, King’s Raid offers a generous range of customization features. You can also customize the weapons and the clothes of your characters to make your avatar unique and personalized.

Perhaps the most important element in this RPG game as is with others in the genre is the giant multiplayer arena and extensive map exploration options. The world of King’s Raid is always updating and there’s always something to explore. Plus, there is a list of giant bosses that you can defeat and conquer include the Mountain Fortress, Legacy of the Ancient Technomagic Kingdom; Protianus, Ruler of the Sunken Kingdom; Tyrfas, Divine Beast of Absolute Zero; Velkazar, Hellspawn torturer; and Lakreil, Stakes of Wrath. Your ultimate goal in this RPG game is to overcome enemy forces and destroy these giant bosses.

Players of King’s Raid can dive into real-time player vs. player battles that are spectacularly animated and full of effects. The gist of the gameplay rests on these PvP battles and it’s up to your level of skill and your strategy to produce indispensible heroic combinations to take down your opponents.

King’s Raid also offers support to guilds and encourages teamwork. In this game, you can join guilds or create your own and invite members from across the world. Guilds can collaborate together to work on a team plan to take down their enemies and take part in challenging raids. You can also communicate with your guild members through the built-in chat facility. King’s Raid offers an unlimited update on Challenge Raids so that your fun in the multiplayer game never runs low. Guilds work collaboratively to become the strongest possible guild in the game and this can be done through expanding your guild domain.

For regular RPG players, King’s Raid is nothing new in terms of gameplay and features. It might seem a bit too perplexing for new players but luckily the game guides you along the way.

Although there’s nothing extremely extraordinary about King’s Raid, it is a well-put together RPG game with all the features working in harmony and terrific 3D graphics to back up. If you’re looking for a new RPG game for your phone, this Editor’s Choice game might be worth a try.

Why do we recommend King’s Raid?

  • Delivers all the basic and classic RPG features
  • Dynamic PvP battles where you can devise your own hero combinations
  • Tons of customization options for your character
  • Graphics are stunning and three dimensional with equally amazing music and sound
  • The game runs smoothly, guides you along the way and has an excellent user interface
  • Players can join guilds and work in teams to conquer raids and defeat giant bosses

What can be improved in King’s Raid?

  • Too generic; nothing very unique about it
  • Sometimes has issues with logging into the game
  • Tons of ads throughout the app which can be frustrating

King's Raid is one of the top apps in the Role Playing app category, which belongs to Offered By Vespa Inc.. It's last update was on April 3, 2019 and it has been already downloaded 5,000,000+ times. On the app store it has now 139,696 reviews. After you get to King's Raid page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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King's Raid
King's Raid

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Offered By Vespa Inc.
  • Current Version: 3.46.6
  • Updated: April 3, 2019
  • Requires Android: 4.2 and up

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139,696 total
5 98,882
4 20,960
3 7768
2 2,596
1 9,490
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