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Happy Glass

Happy Glass

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Happy Glass description

This seemingly simple and artistic game can actually test the limits of your creativity and imagination sometimes. Happy Glass is a free to play game that has shamelessly adapted the entire concept and gameplay of the top puzzle game Brain it On. Fans of Brain It On will constantly compare Happy Glass with their favorite game and might not be completely impressed. But there’s still fun and entertainment to this game and it’s a good way to rack your brains to wile the hours away.

The Review

The objective in every level of Happy Glass is to help fill the cartoon glass with water. Without water, the empty glass is apparently sad and your job in each level of this game is to draw a line in the right place to help the bucket of water flow into the direction of the glass. This is different from Brain it On as it doesn’t feature a ball that you have to guide to a certain checkpoint but otherwise the mechanism and gameplay of Happy Glass is pretty much identical to Brain It On.

The only control as a player you have is drawing a line or basically any shape of your liking to direct the flowing water into the glass. This puzzle game relies heavily on physics and how well you can work your imagination to devise the best contraption and path to fill the glass with water.

Happy Glass includes tons of different levels and puzzle sets that you can unlock one after another. You’ll need a certain number of stars to unlock the puzzle packs. So even if you clear all the levels before an unlocked puzzle pack, you might not have enough stars to proceed. To get over this barrier, you’ll need to play the levels in which you’ve gotten less number of stars in to increase the total number required.

How each level rates your performance and rewards you with 1, 2 or 3 stars is entirely dependent on your timing and how few moves you made to fill the empty glass with water. The fewer lines or pathway you’ve constructed, the higher the stars you’ll get. The first few levels and some in between are relatively easy and made for beginners. But as you unlock the later levels, you’ll soon find the difficulty level spiking. In fact, some levels might seem like an impossible task. You can always make use of the level hint feature that lets you see part of the possible solution for a certain amount of time. Using the hint feature, however, requires patience as you will need to watch a long advertisement for it.

Ads are a constant thorn in the side with Happy Glass. This is where this app seriously lacks compared to Brain It On. While the latter had its fair share of ad overload, Happy Glass goes one step further in this regard and bombards players with on-screen ads and video ads. This can be quite frustrating especially when you’re trying to figure out a solution for a tricky level. Some users of the app have also complained that Happy Glass includes duplicate levels so you’re basically playing the same levels with little or no changes in the solution. This can get boring and is another reason why so many people still gravitate towards the classic and highly popular Brain it On.

Why do we recommend Happy Glass?

  • Interesting gameplay that relies on physics and creativity
  • Simple controls
  • Simple, clean graphics with vibrant colors
  • Tons of different levels and puzzle packs to unlock
  • Hint feature helps you get out of a tricky puzzle
  • Free to play

What can be improved in Happy Glass?

  • Has basically copied the concept of Brain it On; little originality
  • Too many onscreen ads
  • Some levels are duplicate with little or no changes; can get boring

Happy Glass is one of the top apps in the Puzzle app category, which belongs to Lion Studios. It's last update was on November 17, 2018 and it has been already downloaded 10.000.000+ times. On the app store it has now 83.22 reviews. After you get to Happy Glass page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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Happy Glass
Happy Glass

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Lion Studios
  • Current Version: 1.0.10
  • Updated: November 17, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 10.000.000+
  • Category: puzzle
  • Price: Free

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83.22 total
5 20,304
4 11,405
3 5,394
2 2,294
1 1,294
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