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Baldur's Gate II

Baldur's Gate II

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Baldur's Gate II description

Everyone loves a favorite PC game reimagined into their smartphones and when it’s executed so well like Baldur’s Gate II that’s all the more reason to love it. Baldur’s Gate II is an immersive role-playing real time strategy game that features an immense world and a thick plot. It’s one of those games that take you back to the medieval times yet keep things contemporary by introducing a whole bunch of features and controls. In Baldur’s Gate II, maybe it’s a little too much. But let’s break it down in detail.

The Review

If you’re a dedicated fan of the series or have played the PC version of the game, you know the cue. It’s a game that shares a lot of similarity with the popular Dungeons and Dragons format yet still manages to make its own unique and original stand on the genre. For new players, however, Baldur’s Gate II can be a bit of mess. It’s complicated and doesn’t come with a startup tutorial to help you get familiarized to the concept of the game. So if you’re not used to online RPG gaming, we would suggest trying a different game first instead – Clash of Clans maybe?

Baldur’s Gate II narrates a rich storyline of getting kidnapped and imprisoned by an evil wizard Irenicus. As he attempts to strip you of the legendary powers you hold, you get to plan an escape and fight the bad guys. The storyline is ultimately about a war between light versus darkness, monsters and destructive realms. The rich plotline is one of the key things we absolutely love about this game. Not a lot of mobile games these days feature such an established plot as Baldur’s Gate II so moving along with the storyline was quite a pleasant adventure.

Baldur’s Gate II is not a standalone game only; it also features some campaigns from the previous Baldur’s Gate games. The Throne of Bhaal campaign is where you get to travel to Tehtyr in the Bhaalspawn saga and explore the mysteries of Watcher’s Keep. The Fist of the Fallen is another added campaign where players lead a heroic battle of vengeance for the Sun Soul Monk Rassad. The Black Pits II is the campaign where you explore and experience high-level Dungeons and Dragons combat.

The campaigns mentioned above are all free to play in the game but there are others that can be unlocked by buying them including A Price Paid in Blood, A Voice in the Dark, and In Defense of the Wild. Baldur’s Gate II itself is also a game that must be bought to play.

We can’t end this article without discussing the combat though. The combat featured in Baldur’s Gate II is spectacular. It requires a mix of skill and tact and, of course, powerful heroes. There are a number of characters and warriors to choose from and they all have their own special attacks and abilities. While this colorful variety of combat feature is attractive, it does lack sometimes. The combat can be almost clumsy because there are just too many controls and abilities and not enough space on the touchscreen. Since Baldur’s Gate II was initially developed for PC users who have a lot of keyboard control options, the controls don’t really fit in well on a mobile device.

Nonetheless, Baldur’s Gate II is one of those games that fans of the RPG and strategy genre are sure to enjoy. It has a $10 price mark but it’s worth the purchase if you love Dungeons and Dragons.

Why do we recommend Baldur’s Gate II?

  • Rich plotline with great characters and a huge world
  • A lot of different heroes to play with
  • RPG and real-time strategy formatted is eloquently executed
  • Graphics are exemplary
  • Features a bunch of other campaigns from the Baldur Gate series

What can be improved in Baldur’s Gate II?

  • It’s a little on the pricey side when it comes to app purchases and also has further in-app purchases that you can buy
  • There are just too many combat options and not many controls – controls can, thus, become a little clumsy

Baldur's Gate II is one of the top apps in the Role Playing app category, which belongs to Beamdog. It's last update was on June 25, 2018 and it has been already downloaded 50.000+ times. On the app store it has now 5.477 reviews. After you get to Baldur's Gate II page on the app store, click install & enjoy it.

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Baldur's Gate II
Baldur's Gate II

How to Download and Install

  • Developed by: Beamdog
  • Current Version:
  • Updated: June 25, 2018
  • Requires Android: 3 and up

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5.477 total
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4 234
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2 123
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