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Ten Suitable Chrome Extensions

google chrome extensions

Google Chrome is one of the known browser people use around the globe. It is quick, efficient, user-friendly and compatible with most of the computers if not all. Some of the merits of using the browser are the variety of Chrome extensions that are easily downloadable, the ability to load pages very fast, locating of the downloads is easy, and it is a simple, fast web browser. These features make life so easy when one is using the computer; they aid in the browsing process by making it smooth and fun. Chrome extensions help the user to customize his or her browser and ensure the browser look neat.

Ads-blocker extension

Ads-blocker is a tool that enhances the experience of using Chrome, it is readily available for download and helps to keep out pop-ups in the screens. Some of these pop-ups are offensive, and when they keep on recurring, they create a negative image for the client thus there is a need to have an extension that locks out the ads.

Most of these ads are from websites advertising products and services which a customer surfing doesn’t need to know about; they are seen as disturbance and negatively impact on the browsing experience. The ads also tend to slow down the browsing speed as some of them take long to load while still adding the client’s bills due to their large file sizes. Ads-blocker creates a peaceful browsing atmosphere and helps an individual achieve total concentration in their work by limiting the distractions

Antivirus extensions

Antivirus extensions are plenty ranging from Avast to Avira Antivirus. They contribute in making browsing spam free and block sites that have a potential of harming the users’ computer or handset. It gives confidence to the users while browsing on the internet where one can be hacked and lose valuable information to a site. This mistake can later prove costly when a client loses money in the bank.

The antivirus is also responsible to clear downloads of potentially hidden viruses that are capable of causing harm. These actions ensure that the clients’ data stay intact and is not prone to destruction by viruses acquired over the internet. It improves the security of the computer or handset.

Quick start extension

It is a tool that ensures an individual browsing does not use a lot of time keying in websites that he or she visits. He or she can comfortably save the link on the speed dial. It makes the browsing experience efficient in that one needs only to follow the link in the quick start. It helps save time and memory while starting up Chrome.

It’s mostly used to enable and disable other extensions with a single click thus saves a lot of work and makes the process of starting chrome quick. When browsing experience drags due to loading extensions, one can monitor the situation and disable the slow tools using Quick start.

Office online extension

It helps in a situation where one can manage a word document. It provides a platform for one to edit a document, create a document and also view a report. This extension is vital in office work where one deals with online word documents like readjusting them or rather correcting them. This tool ensures that one doesn’t need to leave the browser to create a document he or she can make one and share it within the shortest time possible.

Google hang out extension

It is a socializing tool that brings a real conversation to your screen, it saves one from boredom and monotonous day to day activities like loads of works and gives you a chance to catch up with a friend. One can actively participate in a conversation while still working.

This tool can brighten up moods and make what had seemed like a dull day to be bright and fruitful. It also helps in keeping out negativity associated with long hours of browsing since one has company. A client can send images and participate in video calls.

Google mail checker

It is an excellent extension that ensures that a customer does not miss out on important emails that could be urgent. It creates an avenue where one needs to click once and access the emails. One can also reply to emails conveniently, keep an eye on the incoming emails and those that are unread.

Google translate

It is a Chrome extension that assists users to access information that is in an unfamiliar language. It helps those who are doing research, and their data is from different quarters around the world. It assists with a better understanding of context and has a good number of languages available. It is a free tool that one needs to download.


It is an extension that helps clients customize their pages with attractive colors that motivate them, words that serve as an essential inspiration to their livelihood, weather updates among other features. This extension is meant to keep a user glued to their desks and use the browser for longer due to the strength or the message derived from the customized browser pages. It also helps remind one of the major miles stones that he or she should achieve in future.

LastPass extension

It an equally important extension since a user cannot keep track of all the passwords especially the new ones and the ones he or she rarely uses them. This extension saves the passwords and ensures they cannot be accessed by anyone else since they remain hidden. It saves a user a lot of headaches trying to figure out a lost password. It manages all the passwords in a device for an individual.

Evernote Web Clipper

It is a tool that is used to save some the pages a user sees in websites. It is helpful in case one tends to forget things quickly. It is efficient to use since one just needs to save a page in the account of the extension, thus helping with trace-ability and convenience when one is later revisiting the site in one own right time. It ensures that a client doesn’t miss out on vital information like dates, details or instructions since one can quickly refer.

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